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Meal Packaging System

Bullseye are delighted to offer a wide range of paper or fibre based, environmentally-friendly meal trays, all of which are suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers.  All of our trays are recyclable, compostable or both and are made from sustainably-sourced materials, offering a vast range of advantages over the more ‘traditional’ meal packaging materials, such as plastic or foil.

More than just a supplier – we are your packaging partner.

Bullseye don’t just supply the trays; we can provide the full meal packaging system – trays, film and sealing machinery – giving you an easy, one-stop solution to transform your meal packaging.  Alternatively, if you wish to keep your existing sealing machinery, we will work with your machinery supplier to ensure maximum compatibility with our trays. 

Whatever your situation, whatever your size, Bullseye will work with you and your team to team to design and deliver a meal packaging solution to help you make the most of your available space, resources and budgets.  Planning, delivery, installation and training are all part of the service, however large or small your operation.

About our trays

Bullseye offer a range of trays in various environmentally-friendly materials to suit your needs.  Unlike many other fibre-based trays on the market, all of our trays come with an inner liner, which prevents damage to the tray, and allows for the film lid to be securely sealed to the tray and then removed without pulling potentially contaminating fibres from the tray itself.

Fully compostable, trays

Our fully compostable trays are available in various sizes from small single-portion trays to large half-gastronorm sizes. The trays are suitable for use in microwaves and conventional ovens up to 140°C and can be frozen down to -40°C. These trays are made from FSC-certified paper pulp, and are lined with a cellulose-based laminate. They are certified industrially compostable to the EN13432 standard, but we are working on obtaining a home-compostable certification as well. The trays can also be recycled with normal paper recycling, once the cellulose lining is removed.

Fully recyclable trays

Need an eco-friendly tray with higher temperature capabilities? Our fully recyclable trays are the answer! Available in a variety of multi-compartment options and made from either paper of plant fibre, these trays are lined with a very thin layer of PET, which only makes up around 2% of the weight of the tray. The use of PET as a lining material means these trays can withstand oven temperatures up to 210°C, while still maintaining incredibly strong environmental credentials – the trays are made either from sustainably-sourced paper or fast-growing bagasse fibre. These trays are fully recyclable with your normal paper recycling.

So what are the advantages of switching to paper or fibre trays?

Paper and fibre are insulating materials; this means that, when heated, our trays can be handled with bare hands, even straight from the oven.  There are also no sharp edges, unlike many foil or plastic trays, which could cause injury when damaged or mis-handled.  Our trays also maintain their shape and structure when heated or frozen; should the frozen tray be dropped it will not shatter, and the trays stay strong and rigid when heated, unlike plastic equivalents. The safety benefits of our meal trays have consistently been a key reason for their popularity since their introduction.

With greater pressure than ever before to seek out environmentally friendly options, our meal trays provide the perfect answer, with all our trays being manufactured from sustainably-sourced paper or plant fibre pulp.  They are also very lightweight, which further reduces their environmental impact during transport.  Our trays are also fully recyclable, compostable or both.  All this means that at every step, from manufacture to end-of-life, adopting our meal packaging system is one of the best environmental choices you can make.

Because our trays are fibre-based they can be safely used in microwaves and conventional ovens, and can be frozen down to -40°C. This means that meal providers have a choice of heating and storage solution while consumers can quickly prepare a meal at home in the method most convenient to them.

Bullseye can supply simple-to-use sealing machines in a size and capability which suits your every need. This means a safe, leak-proof film lid can be securely fixed as soon as the tray is filled. The film adheres to the rim of each tray as well as to the edges of each compartment to prevent spillage of one part of the meal into the other during transit. This is particularly important where hot liquids are concerned. Despite the secure seal, the film lid can then be quickly and easily removed immediately prior to consumption.

Our compartmentalised trays allow meal providers to carefully control portion sizes. This has proved an especially popular benefit in facilities which may have traditionally offered a buffet-style meal, where it is difficult to control portion size as well as financial budgets. Because the trays can be safely chilled or frozen, they also allow providers to store leftover meals and offer them as an alternative at a later date, further reducing food waste.

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