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Neighbourhood Food Delivery in Harrogate, Yorkshire

Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association

When the local meals on wheels service shut down in 2011 many of the elderly and isolated in and around Harrogate were left without a vital lifeline.  But the team at Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association stepped in and founded the Harrogate Food Angels to meet this demand.  They now deliver around 500 meals per week around Harrogate, Knaresborough and beyond.

As Sue Cawthray, CEO of Harrogate Neighbours, explains: “We first met Peter through the National Association of Care Catering (NACC).  He was very friendly and helpful, and offered a personalised, individual service.  The health & safety benefits of the trays were major factor in our decision-making; we love the fact that they don’t get hot on the outside, unlike metal or plastic trays, which makes them ideal for delivering community meals.  Their environmental credentials were also important and send the right message to our customers.

“From an operational point of view, the system has helped us immeasurably.  The packaging and sealing equipment are so reliable and easy to use, completely fool-proof!  When you’re running a busy kitchen the last thing you want to be worrying about is the packaging and equipment you’re using, so this makes our operation run much smoother.  The whole system has been so well received by everyone who uses it that we have recently expanded our business further afield.

“Throughout our time working with them, Bullseye have always been incredibly supportive, so when we started looking at how our business can further improve its environmental credentials and make a switch away from plastic or metal disposables around our facility, there was only one company we were going to ask for help in making the switch.  Bullseye now supply our entire residential home with environmentally-friendly catering disposables, like cups, containers and straws.”

Harrogate, Yorkshire

Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association Team Picture

"From an operational point of view, the system has helped us immeasurably."