Tray Benefits

Tray Benefits

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Tray Benefits
Safety Benefits

All our trays are made from paper pulp; this means that when heated they can be safely removed from the oven with bare hands. As there are no sharp edges there are also obvious safety benefits over metal and plastic trays, which can cause injury when handled. Our trays also maintain their shape and structure when frozen; should the frozen tray be dropped it will not shatter or spill the contents. The safety benefits of our meal trays have consistently been the key reason for their popularity since their introduction.

Seals in Freshness & Nutrition

The secure film lid keeps in freshness and nutrition and helps the meal stay hot; retaining moisture for improved taste and texture. Bullseye Food Packaging can also provide and advanced film formulation with invisible micro-perforations which release any excess steam during cooking. We can even print heating instructions or your logo onto the film should it be required.

No Leakage or Spillage

Our trays come with a simple-to -use sealing machine in a size which suits your every need. This means a safe, leak-proof film lid can be securely fixed as soon as the tray is filled. The film adheres to the rim of each tray as well as to the edges of each compartment to prevent spillage of one part of the meal into the other during transit. This is particularly important where hot liquids are concerned. Despite the secure seal, the film lid can then be quickly and easily removed immediately prior to consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

With greater pressure than ever before to seek out environmentally friendly options, our meal tray solution provides the perfect answer. All our trays are manufactured from paper pulp obtained from sustainable sources and the food contact surface is lined during manufacture with a thick gauge polyester film to provide a safe barrier between the food and the tray. All our trays are fully recyclable.

Our meal trays are also lightweight which offers a significant reduction in environmental impacts over metal trays with board lids or plastic (e.g. CPET or Polypropylene) trays. This means that at every stage of the process, from manufacture through to delivery and even disposal, this exclusive packaging solution is one of the best environmental choices you can make.

Conventional Oven or Microwave

Because our trays are paper-based they can be safely used in microwave ovens as well as for conventional heating up to 205°C. This means that meal providers have a choice of heating solution while consumers can quickly heat a meal at home in the method most convenient to them.

Financial Benefits

Our compartmentalised trays allow meal providers to carefully control portion sizes. This has proved an especially popular benefit in facilities which may have traditionally offered a buffet-style meal, where it is difficult to control portion size as well as financial budgets. Because the trays can be safely frozen, they also allow providers to freeze leftover meals and offer them as an alternative at a later date, further reducing food waste.

Waste Disposal

In addition to providing environmentally sound meal trays, Bullseye Food Packaging are also able to provide you with innovative, environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions, for both used meal trays and food waste. Please click here for more information »