Coronavirus Statement

Bullseye Food Packaging offers assistance to those providing community & home-delivered meals in these unprecedented times

Whilst the new world which has emerged since the outbreak of Covid-19 has provided many challenges for all of us, we can also take heart from the vast community efforts which have sprung up all over the country. One of the most important services communities can provide is ensuring the isolated and vulnerable are well-fed, with high-quality, nutritious meals delivered straight to their door, and we are seeing care homes, community meal providers and restaurants rise to the challenge admirably.

With more than a decade in the delivered-meals market, Bullseye are stepping up to help these providers deliver the best possible meals to those who need them.

"In times like these we all want to use the skills and resources at our disposal to help others" says Alex Prior, Sales & Marketing Director at Bullseye. "In our case we are offering our vast knowledge and experience in the home-delivered meals market to help meal providers offer the highest-quality meals to those in need. The Bullseye meal packaging system was specifically designed for delivering high-quality, nutritious meals to those who need them; our unique paper-based meal trays are not only environmentally sustainable but also the safest meal tray on the market, which is so important when delivering to the elderly or vulnerable. Furthermore, our innovative micro-perforated sealing film releases steam without releasing liquids or nutrients, ensuring the quality and nutritional value of the meal you are delivering doesn't degrade in transportation."

"To help meal providers give the best meal they can in these difficult times, we are offering our sealing machines on a cost-free rental basis and supplying our trays & sealing film at a reduced price usually reserved for charities and community groups, helping meal providers ensure that the elderly and vulnerable have access to high-quality, nutritious meals even in these unprecedented circumstances."

"We also understand that restaurants and cafés are adapting their businesses as best they can at this time, moving to a delivery or take-out service to ensure their long-term future; with this in mind we are also happy to supply our machinery and products on this same basis to any business offering delivered or take-away meals. We really are all in this together, and it is a pleasure to offer our assistance to other businesses who needs help adapting to the 'new normal'."

When asked about the impact of Coronavirus on their business, Alex is reassuring: "We are in a very fortunate position in that we can easily coordinate our supply chain remotely; this includes processing orders, so our customers can continue to do this in their usual way. Our warehouse and courier teams are operating as normal and are taking the recommended precautions to ensure they remain so. We currently have plenty of stock, with more en route from the manufacturers, so we do not foresee any problems at this stage. The only difference customers may notice is that where we would usually visit them to install their sealing machines, we will instead be supplying a video (which is currently in production) and instruction manuals to help them self-install and train their staff. As always, we are at the other end of the phone if they need any assistance at any time, and if there are any developments we will, of course, keep our customers updated as and when necessary."

To take advantage of Bullseye's vast experience in the home-delivered meals sector, and the special assistance offers on their meal packaging system, contact them for a friendly, informal discussion about your requirements or to request a free catalogue.

Telephone: 0800 011 2311 / Email: [email protected]

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