About Us

About UsSince 2009 Bullseye Food Packaging have been providing an innovative, safe and environmentally friendly meal packaging solution to care homes, community meal providers and, more recently, large-scale industrial caterers.Our trays are made from environmentally-friendly paper pulp, bringing a multitude of benefits to meal providers and end-users.

Our exclusive packaging system combines a comprehensive selection of multi-compartment trays with a range of easy-to-use sealing machines which meet every need of small, medium and large-scale meal producers. Research in the USA, from where this system originates, reveals this range of trays and sealing machines is by far the preferred choice of professional meal providers and their clients.





Peter Prior

Hello, I’m Peter. I’m the General Manager of Bullseye. The title sounds rather grand, but it means I’m responsible for sales and implementation as well as overall profitability of the company. I’m actually an accountant by profession (although I don’t publicise that too often!), and I have run other companies before including my own marketing and events management businesses. Outside work I am an inveterate petrol head, so love anything to do with cars. Also, despite spending a large amount of my time travelling for Bullseye, I also love finding new places to visit for pleasure.


Alex Prior

Hello, I’m Alex and I’m the Sales and Marketing Director at Bullseye. I’ve been working for Bullseye on and off since my father, Peter, set up the company, but have recently taken on a larger role, working on our trade shows and exhibitions, as well as our online presence and other marketing activities. Away from the office, much like my father, I am an avid petrol head, but much of my time is currently taken up looking after my daughter, Amelia, who was born in October 2016.



David Steddy

Hi, I’m David. In a small business, job titles are not as important as a willingness to fill in where necessary, so I’m proud to simply be part of a great team. Peter and I have known each other for more than 45 years, and although our business careers took different paths our friendship has never wavered. After 35 years with the Ford Motor Company I retired in 2004 and joined peter in 2011 to help with a major overseas project. So, Product research, Project planning, Installation, and training, now supplement the Gardening, Tennis, Fell walking and Scuba diving.


Kate Jones

Hello, Im Kate. I’m the Office Manager here at Bullseye. I am the newest member of the team and I’m responsible for the order processing, invoicing, account management and day to day general office administration. Alex and I have been working together on several recent marketing activities including this fab website revamp – we hope you like it! Prior to joining Bullseye, I worked in the Agricultural sector as a Business Development Manager, it’s a bit of a difference going from cows to food trays that’s for sure. Outside of work you will usually find me entertaining my 7-year-old daughter Maisie.